Magazine Publications to Find Dr. Credit King

Elissa Gabrielle Entertainment /Rea Life Faith February 04, 2018

Diva Naires Magazine (South Carolina) Jan 10, 2018

On Your Side Song/Deli Rowe Feb 10, 2018

Credit vs Creditability (Book 3) July 15, 2018

Diva Naires Magazine (South Carolina) July 04, 2018

Queen Size Magazine May/Feb 2018

Enjoy Life Magazine May 12, 018

Corburee Revolucion Magazine Issue/ May 12

Corburee Revolucion Magazine February 05, 2018

Beautifully Said Magazine June 08, 2018

Creative Magazine August 03, 2018

Indian Voices Newspaper Feb/May/April 2018

Indian Voices Newspaper June 03, 2018

Your Credit Defines Your Creditability

Corburee Revolucion Magazine July 05, 2018

Mahagony Curve Magazine August 05, 2018

Learn to Rebuild Your Credit (Book 4) Jan 10, 2019

The Genetic Blueprint of Passive Income  (Book 5)

Creativ Modern Jul/Aug 2018 Issue # 27

Jamila Choyce (CourbeeRevolicion)

Wrap with Dina

El Orginal Bilingual (Bilingual Newspaper) 1991

LA Youth Newspaper 1992

Nuestro Mundo Newspaper (Nebraska) 1995

Skipping Stones An International Mul-Cultural Ma 1996

Omaha Star Newspaper 2004

My Best Friend And My Man (Novel/Book) 2008

Radio Interview with Michaell Alford Nov 2010

Synchronized Ink (Poetry Book) 2011

Olatunji – Ola () Video 2016

Corporate Youtube Video 2016

Diva Naires Magazine (South Carolina) August 2017

Just For Me Magazine (Chicago IL) July 2017

Razorsedge Magazine August 2017

G-Entertainment Magazine issue#4 September 2017

Corburee Revolucion Magazine April 2017 issues (8 issues)

Queen Size Magazine December 2017

Curvy Girls Slay Magazine Spring 2018 issue

Corburee Revolucion Magazine Issue 7 Jan 2018 issues

Enjoy Life Magazine Miami | Atlanta Charlotte Jan 25, 2018

Changing Lenses Magazine (Detroit MI) June 2018

Just Me Magazine (Chicago IL) February 2018

The Ultimate Black Man Magazine March 2018

debit in the pandemic

Financial Burdens During a Pandemic

Are you one of the many Americans carrying a large amount of credit debt? In the past credit scores have played a large part in determining the interest rates or terms of a loan when someone is applying for a loan or credit card.

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Managing Your Credit Card Utilization

Your Credit Defines Your Creditability is designed as a pathway to understanding an excellent credit rating. We know such issues are daunting, but you may need to borrow money from a lender.

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Invest Your Refund

During the tax season

millions of Americans will be waiting for their tax refunds. According to the IRS, it’s estimated that roughly 80% of taxpayers get some sort of refund annually, and 2021 was no exception.

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