of credit reports contain serious enough errors, to cause the denial of credit

of credit reports contain credit accounts that have been closed by the consumer but are reported incorrectly

of credit reports contain information that is long outdated, belong to a stranger, or is otherwise incorrect

of credit reports contain mistakes of some kind and could be affecting your credit scores





Briggs is Driven to Obtain the Highest Standards for Himself and Clients.

Build the Knowledge to use Credit Wisely!

Credit Education can provide information on financial topics like 

credit repair, building credit, mortgages, personal loans, credit cards interest rates and so much more!


 As a highly successful Real Estate Investor for the last seventeen years, Chayo Briggs is the President of Briggs & Lay Pro Incorporated. Besides the multitude of real estate services Briggs is an effective motivational speaker and published author. The key to his success lies in life experience, by developing exceptional skills to create passive income Chayo can assist his clients in procuring their prosperous future; breaking the chains of financial distress.

Briggs is driven to obtain the highest standards for himself and clients. By promoting an organization’s efforts concerned with civil rights and social action. He studies at Grand Canyon University perusing his Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership.

Briggs went on to complete his Bachelors of Science in Business Management at Ashford University and later acquired his Masters in Public Administration from California State University, San Bernardino.

As an author Briggs is developing innovative concepts for Real Estate Development, entrepreneurship, consumer credit and organizational learning.

Briggs originally sought to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in the Peace Corps. The traveling offered him the opportunity to visit a large variety of countries. The individual missions brought a positive can-do drive when he greeted new students. Briggs experienced various levels of human culture elevating him to expert status and skill to help people overcome their credit creditably issues.

Client Testimonials

Corrie Piccolo 8 months ago
Dr. Briggs was a great help getting my credit put back together.  I am in Omaha Ne and yet he was still able to assist.  I feel more confident about my credit now because I can look at my credit score and know I am in charge.  Credit is more than just a number.  Your life revolves around your credit.  I thank you, D.r Briggs, for giving my life back.  Thank you.
 Randy Rankin 6 months ago
Chayo is awesome when I first went to him my credit was around 540 and less than 3 months I'm at 719 and that's just the average for all 3 credit unions very informative and transparent he's also assisted with a lot ppl I worked with.
Yasmin Waters 8 months ago
"Mr. Briggs has been working on my credit this year! I had a score of 485 as my lowest, my highest at about 525. So far my score has jumped from 485 to 585. Most of the negative issues are deleted from my credit report, most from Identity theft. Getting my credit back where it needs to be is a struggle and I'll get there!! But at least I feel comfortable knowing I'm dealing with someone who is knowledgeable about this business!! Very Trustworthy!!"
Bniqua 11 months ago
Chayo has been working on my credit for about 2 months now. He took my lowest score from a 464 to almost a 600 already. I wasn't able to get a car before he started fixing my credit and now I have a new car. He's removed every negative account from my account except one and he's still diligently working on that. I would 100% recommend him to anyone. He's well worth the money.
Sebrena Chiles​ 11 months ago
Mr. Briggs was referred to me by a very dear friend in September of 2016.  Immediately he reached out to me and started to work his magic.  He would take the time to talk with me as I had many questions and would not hang up until I understood what and why he was doing it.   In November/December of 2016, I  started to see items being deleted!  Then in January, my score was raised tremulously!  So tremulously I was able to qualify for a loan to purchase a house!!!  I am so happy that I was introduced to Mr. Briggs who made my experience great in getting my credit scores up.  I really enjoyed your interview and wait for many more to come in the future.  Thank you again, Mr. Briggs, for giving me hope back again!  Keep up the great work you are doing for the community.   Also, you will always be my referral as I am a true testimony!
Ej Greer​ 11 months ago
Dr. Briggs your presentation with author Shakeena  Whitmore  Fantastic and it  was very informative compared to other speaks  I've listened to online  and I would let the people know you did an excellent job helping me with my credit and I have no idea what made you wanted to take the time to help with the low FICO scores of 377, 388 and 349. I had on my credit also with the following items you were able to delete, such as my bankruptcy, 27 collections (all deleted) accounts, 77 inquiries, and 3 charge-offs because you were able to raise my FICO scores to 657. 655 and 647 and I am great full to have met you. I can't wait until your book is published I will be the first in line to buy your purchase your book because you were able to help me my husband and I were able to purchase our first home.  God Bless you
Erykah Jane​ 10 months ago
.Before consulting Mr. Briggs for credit counseling I was not able to purchase a car, house nor I was I able to get approved for credit cards or department stores cards, such as Walmart, Sears, Citi, and Discover. Needless to say, I was afraid of getting credit and stayed away from getting any credit.  Unfortunately, everything I purchased I paid until meeting Mr. Briggs he thought me the fundamentals (money) of budgeting my finances and student loans and he thought me several ways to improve my credit. I had no clue how important it is having good credit and I was just financially disabled.
Cheryl Glaspie  12 months ago
Mr. Briggs, I  am writing to express my appreciation for the professional service that you rendered on my behalf. On May 10, 2017, you effectively quashed a $53,000.00 claim filed against me in civil court which was initiated by a major financial institution. In addition, your intervention prompted that same financial institution to withdraw all claims and judgments against me. As a result, I ended up paying nothing against the claim. Your services reached far beyond my expectations, and I did not even have to make a court appearance.  Mr. Briggs, I commend you on your skills; and for winning a case for the "underdog." I would love to recommend your services to anyone or business who requires assistance in combating financial (Credit) issues.
Malaika Wright  12 months ago
Mr.Briggs thank you so much for repairing my credit I was in a bad situation until you helped me out you do amazing work! I will recommend you to all my friends and family Thank you!!!!
Natasha Simon 13 months ago
I really want to thank you, Mr. Briggs you changed my credit and my life ..I put my credit in your hands and I have been rescued.  My credit score jumped from 509 to 650! I am so grateful for this. You are the Best! Very professional! If you have bad credit you must call Mr. Briggs at (800)216-8871. I promise this is the best call of your life! 509 to 650!
Ms. R May 2019
Chayo and I live on opposite sides of the country, but I'd heard such good things about his service that I decided to call him anyway. My credit report was a mess...student loans, credit card debt, medical bills, etc. He explained everything in detail and successfully helped me fix the problems, which in turn, raised my credit score. I bought myself a car. Months later, I noticed that my credit score dropped. I looked at my credit report and used the lessons that he taught me. I knew immediately what was wrong and called Chayo, and he fixed things for me again! Now, my average credit score is over 700 points and I know how to properly manage my credit. Chayo's services are priceless!! He teaches you about credit fundamentals so that you truly understand. These are lessons you can use for the rest of your life. I recommend him to everyone I know. ~Miss R

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